Mana Pass – Highest Motorable Road In The World At 18,399 Feet!

Mana I am officially addicted. I am always hungry for more and more driving through terrains that would be considered risky, unpredictable or even suicidal! During one of my drives to Uttarakhand with my dear friend Sanjay, we visited Mana village. It is the last Indian Village on the Indo China border. Everything in Mana Village is marketing as ‘last’. The ‘last’ post office,

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Argentina – A drive to the end of the world

  After driving through Asia, Australia and Africa as part of The Great Indian World Trip, we were ready to fly to Argentina to start Leg 4. Our vehicle had already reached the port in Buenos Aires and we took the long KLM flight to Argentina. My eyes opened when the Pilot announced that we are about to land in Buenos Aires. We smoothly

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Myanmar – Golden country and smiling people

  Someone has rightly said, “Everyone is wrong about foreign countries”. The more I travel, the more I believe in this statement. Be it driving through unexplored regions like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan or through our neighbouring country Myanmar. It is very rare that you read or hear anything about positive about Myanmar in the news. The only name or the only image that comes to

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