Guest Speaker

They say every journey begins with a small step…. but Tushar began his in 2010 by driving 12,000 kms, crossing 12 international borders, all the way from London to India! Seeds that were planted while on road trips across India, Europe and the U.S, completing “London Delhi by road” helped bring those thoughts to life. In 2012, he gave up on a highly successful, financially lucrative IT career in the UK to follow his dream of more cross border expeditions with bold fervour.

In the pursuit of purpose and passion, are born innovative ideas. After driving around the world in over 80 countries on 6 continents, creating a Guinness World Record, 15 Limca Book of Records, writing 2 books on long distance driving expeditions and hosting a travel show on Discovery Channel, Tushar co-founded his own travel company called Adventures Overland Established in 2012, Adventures Overland, is now the pioneer organization for self-drive cross-border expeditions around the world.

Tushar’s achievements have firmly established him as a mentor to those who are anxious to take the road less travelled. He inspires people to live their dream. He is a patient listener and a commanding speaker with great professional knowledge gained over years by being “on the road”. Compassionate, caring, energetic and a wonderful human, he is a source of great confidence and inspiration constantly demonstrating a perfect blend of leadership and people skills.

Tushar now shares his story of how “passion never fails” at various travel meet ups, schools and universities.

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