ADVENTURES OVERLAND – Road Trip and Self Drive tours

Started in 2012 by Sanjay Madan & Tushar Agarwal, Adventures Overland is a unique travel company that organises driving expeditions all across the world…literally, in all the 7 continents! Holders of 16 World Records in long distance driving expeditions, we have driven in 75 countries all around the world so you can be assured, that we know what we are doing!

Whether its pioneering the first ever drive from London to Delhi back in 2010, organising the largest expedition driving from India to London through 18 countries, taking the first ever group of vehicles on a cross border expedition from India to Bangkok, snow driving in Iceland or executing a road trip on the Dalton Highway in Alaska, we have done it all! We have driven in -40 degrees on frozen lakes in Russia and also organised drives on the worlds most challenging roads in South America and Africa!

We can make you drive anywhere, the question is…Where on Earth would you like to go?

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